Adidas Ace Glider Soccer Ball


The quality which Adidas produces is reflected in every ball manufactured by them. Today, we have brought Adidas Ace Glider Soccer Ball which is a machine-stitched ball with nylon-wound carcass interior and a butyl bladder ensuring the enhanced durability you are always promised by Adidas. You can Buy Adidas Ace Glider Soccer Ball online by clicking the link given at the end. We shall now move ahead to discuss its features.

Features of Adidas Ace Glider Soccer Ball:

Listed below are some of the top features of this Adidas Ace Glider Soccer Ball:

The Nylon Wound Carcass:

As far as the latest technology is concerned, there are many ways of making a football long-lasting and durable. Now, Adidas has used nylon-wound carcass inside the ball which only adds t0 the durability and long-lasting performance of the ball. This is either for the training or practice and during the matches as well.

For Kids, Teens, and Professionals:

We are providing the sizes 1, 3, & 5 for kids, teens, and professionals respectively. Also, the price varies depending on the size. Whether you go training with this ball or make use of it in the matches, it holds out just perfect everywhere.

The TPU Exterior:

To tolerate the pressure of the powerful shots and to resist the abrasion, a ball’s exterior needs to be very good. As the experiments have proved, a TPU exterior does very well in that regard. Thus, Adidas has made use of the same material to bring maximum resistance to the abrasion which makes the ball last for a longer time period.

The Butyl Bladder:

The rest of the assurance which you need comes from a bladder made of butyl. It does not matter how hard you shoot and play for longer, it always retains its shape.

  • Durability at its finest.
  • All sizes available.
  • For both training & matches.
  • The butyl bladder.
  • Still heavier in size 1.
  • Not good for street.

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