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Adidas MLS Glider Soccer Ball 2018 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Adidas MLS Glider Soccer Ball 2018 Review: A Buyer’s Guide

The Adidas MLS Glider Soccer ball is an imported soccer ball made of pure polyester. It is a part of the MLS Soccer Ball collection series which comes in size 1, size 3, size 4, and size 5 making it playable for all age groups. An overall complete soccer ball to have in your collection that you can take anywhere to play.

Adidas MLS Glider Soccer Ball 2018 Review

Adidas MLS Glider Soccer Ball Product Features:

  • It is an imported MLS Soccer Ball.
  • Made of  100% polyester.
  • It is part of the MLS Soccer collection series.
  • The design is inspired by the three MLS pillars of club, country, and community.
  • The machine-stitched construction and internal nylon wound carcass
  • It has maximum durability and long-lasting performance
  • The butyl bladder is for best air retention which keeps the ball in shape and  lets it stay inflated longer
  • Comes in Size 3 which is suggested for ages 8 and under; size 4 ball which is suggested for ages 8-12;  size 5 ball (official size) which is suggested for ages 12+, and Size 1 which is a mini ball. 
  • Ships deflated.

Maximum Durability.

Attractive Design.

Retains ball shape.

Stays inflated longer.

Different sizes For all age groups.

100% Polyester.


Not suitable for rough use.

Adidas MLS Glider Soccer Ball Review:

It is a good quality soccer ball, highly durable, made for all playing conditions. It has a typical MLS design that can be taken to streets and soccer fields, and its quality of play won’t disappoint you.

It’s not tailor-made for rough use though and can inflate quickly if not taken care of correctly. The ranges in size make it suitable for all age groups with size 5 being the official size, and size 1 is the mini ball.

We would highly recommend this ball to you if you are looking for a professional ball, or looking to buy a mini ball for your kid, or want a ball to play in your street, and yet you want to remain in your budget.

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