Adidas Russia Telstar 2018 Glider Soccer Ball

Adidas Russia Telstar 2018 Glider Soccer Ball

While many fans found it hard to afford the Official Match Ball for Russia World Cup, we are now bringing this standard Adidas Russia Telstar 2018 Glider Soccer Ball which is good for training. The ball is available in all sizes from 3 to 5 and is perfect for kids, teens, U19, and U20 teams. We shall now move ahead to discuss its top features:

Features of Adidas Russia Telstar 2018 Glider Soccer Ball:

Listed below are some of the top features of this Adidas Russia Telstar 2018 Glider Soccer Ball:

The Butyl Bladder:

When it comes to Football, a lot of things depend on its bladder. In this football, a butyl bladder is added because of its ability of retention. The retention provided by butyl is always better than any other bladder type. Note that the official match ball does not feature a bladder at all.

The 100% TPU Surface:

Even when a player is good with the ball control, it is necessary that the ball should be of assistance as well. A slippery and surface without tension makes it difficult. Thus, this ball has a 100% TPU Surface which enables the players to control it well, pass it well, and shoot it well.

Machine-stitched & Inflation Required:

This Adidas Telstar 2018 ball is machine-stitched which ensure durability, better shape retention, and quality of the ball. The times are gone when people preferred hand-stitched balls because of the machines which are now much more advanced. Also, when it is coming from a brand like Adidas, you can definitely trust it.

Since it contains a bladder for inflation, you will need to inflate it with the air available for soccer balls. However, make sure that to enjoy the best of its performance, you get some quality air cylinder for the inflation of the air.

  • A very cheap Adidas Telstar 18 offer.
  • The air retention with butyl is perfect.
  • This Telstar ball is machine-stitched.
  • Though cheaper but still durable.
  • Much lower quality than official Telstar.
  • The bladder is not a Telstar feature.
  • Kids might find it heavier.

Buy Adidas Russia Telstar 2018 Glider Soccer Ball Online:

Buy Adidas Russia Telstar 2018 Glider Soccer Ball Online
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