American Challenge Brasilia Soccer Ball 2018 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Soccer Sellers is a place where we promise to bring some of the top products including Soccer Balls, Shoes, and Kits for the players. Today, the ball we have chosen to review for you guys is American Challenge Brasilia Soccer Ball.

This ball has been one of the most bought balls over the recent years. It is available in different sizes from small size 2 to standard size 5. For players who are still in their youth, this is a perfect ball for them.

American Challenge Brasilia Soccer Ball is made of 100% fiber material which makes it durable. On the outer side, it is lined with TPU material which is specially applied to prevent abrasion. This helps the ball to last longer during the street play.

It has many editions and for each year, it is being released for the players. We are providing you with the American Challenge Brasilia Soccer Ball 2018. Let us now move to the advanced review of the features of this ball.

American Challenge Brasilia Soccer Ball Features:

  • 100% Fiber is used in the making of American Challenge Brasilia Soccer Ball which makes it ideal for young players.
  • In order to prevent the abrasion and to make it last longer, the ball is outlined with TPU exterior material.
  • The ball is available in different sizes from size 3 to 5 where age limits are 8, 8-12, and 12+ respectively.
  • American Challenge Brasilia Soccer Ball has a Butyl Ball Bladder which is of high quality and makes that the ball stays in shape for longer.
  • This ball bladder also allows the air retention in the best way.
  • You can also get the size 1 mini ball for your kids as well.
  • Lasts longer during Street Play.
  • Available in all sizes from mini to standard.
  • Durable
  • Available in good price ranges.
  • Not recommended for professional matches.
  • In the larger sizes, the price may be an issue.

American Challenge Brasilia Soccer Ball Review:

American Challenge Brasilia Soccer Ball provided a really impressive solution for the street players. From our experience, we have seen most balls would lose their shape and wear off quite easily during the street play. However, with this ball, this period has been witnessed to improve quite well. But still, it depends on how you play and the conditions as well.

Due to the fiber used in the making, it is quite a lighter product. As far as the street is concerned it goes better however, you may like to consider your options for the professional matches. Anyway, it is a good choice if you want to order it for your kids in the mini size as well.

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