GoSports Premier Soccer Ball

GoSports Premier Soccer Ball

While we mostly focus on the official match balls and the training balls for kids, today we are bringing this GoSports Premier Soccer Ball for kids and teens. Whether they want to play a proper football match in the stadium or train daily, this ball is just the right gift for them. We shall now move ahead and discuss the features of this ball.

Features of GoSports Premier Soccer Ball:

Listed below are some of the top features of GoSports Premier Soccer Ball:

The Synthetic Leather Football:

If you are looking forward to buying a ball which must be durable, nothing would be better than buying this GoSports Premier Soccer Ball which is made of synthetic leather. The material is one of the best ones for resisting abrasions. Also, while you are playing, it brings a professional feel to the feet bringing the right basis for the young players.

The Machine-Stitched Ball:

Even though people debate over the durability of a ball with the hand stitching vs. machine stitching, we have always supported the latter point of view. Due to the advancements in the machine technology, the machine gets it stitched right and even when the shooting is powerful the air holds right.

The Butyl Bladder:

While many people prefer a rubber bladder, they do not realize the air and shape retention which a butyl bladder can bring to a ball. Also, the air holds in a butyl bladder much longer than the other one. Thus GoSports Premier Soccer Ball made the use of right bladder material for it.

A Performance Ball:

This ball is really appreciated for its performance on the ground. Also, due to its lightweight design and material, only this could have been the right ball for the kids and teens.

  • Durability ensures by synthetic leather.
  • It also provides the best abrasion resistance.
  • The butyl bladder for better air retention.
  • For kids to play matches and for training.
  • One of the most economical balls.
  • Slightly heavier for kids between 6-8.

Buy GoSports Premier Soccer Ball Online:

Buy GoSports Premier Soccer Ball Online
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