NIKE 2018-2019 EPL Strike Soccer Ball

NIKE 2018-2019 EPL Strike Soccer Ball

The new season of English Premier League has started and yet again, it is Nike who has provided the league with its official match ball. For the Premier League 18/19, the ball for the year is NIKE 2018-2019 EPL Strike Soccer Ball which we are going to provide you today. As per the convention, we shall move ahead and discuss its features:

Features of NIKE 2018-2019 EPL Strike Soccer Ball:

Based on the latest technology and innovations, the top features of this NIKE 2018-2019 EPL Strike Soccer Ball are:

12-Panel Design:

Any ball is of utmost importance to the strikers because they are the ones who are doing the most important job on the field. Alongside power and precision, the ball must also take some good flight off the ground to hit the accurate spot in the goal. Thus, this 12-panel design is introduced in this ball which also makes the ball to curve properly on both outer and inner foot.

The Textured Casing:

The midfielders have to do a lot of dribbling work every day and thus they needed a ball their feet could with and they would feel in control and comfortable while dribbling. Thus, the casing of the ball is textured to an extent where it provides the accurate synchronization you need.

The Visual Power Graphic:

We previously discussed this feature in our review of Nike Premier League Strike Ball as well. This innovates the idea of the visual power of the player and his eye contact with the ball. This will enable the players to watch it clearly and thus the reaction towards the ball will be quicker.

The Economical Price:

All football fans want to buy their favorite soccer ball for the season and while the official match ball is always too expensive, we are bringing you an economical one. Now, what’s remaining is that you get this ball and hit the field right now.

  • The ball gets an accurate flight after a kick.
  • You get more control with its textured cover.
  • A high-quality rubber bladder is present.
  • All sizes are available for teens and pros.
  • A little heavier for young players.
  • Not suitable to be played in the rain.

Buy NIKE 2018-2019 EPL Strike Soccer Ball Online:

Buy NIKE 2018-2019 EPL Strike Soccer Ball Online
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