Nike Strike La Liga LFP 2018-2019 Soccer Ball

Nike Strike La Liga LFP 2018-2019 Soccer Ball

Just like the official match ball for EPL, Nike 2018-2019 EPL Strike Soccer Ball, they have also manufactured the official match for La Liga as well. The name of the ball is Nike Strike La Liga LFP 2018-2019 Soccer Ball and in terms of features and quality, this one is no different from the ball for English Premier League. We shall move ahead and discuss its features:

Features of Nike Strike La Liga LFP 2018-2019 Soccer Ball:

Listed below are some of the top features of Nike Strike La Liga LFP 2018-2019 Soccer Ball:

The Reinforced Rubber Air Chamber:

During the night matches, the ball becomes difficult to track for the players. However, in this ball, the high-contrast colors are added so that the players can track the ball easily. Also, the reinforced rubber air brings a uniform and unique touch making it really good for the dribblers.

Another important function of this Air Chamber is the retention of the shape. Also, when the ball is being hit in different ways, the shape observation in that form is really high.

Nike Aerowtrac Slots and 12-Panel Design:

Doesn’t matter how good a striker is if the ball is not taking the right flight according to the power put behind, scoring would be a difficult task. Thus, features like Nike Aerowtrac Slots and 12-Panel Design work to bring that accurate flight to the ball when it is hit with the right power and precision.

The Textured Cover:

Lately, the companies have focused a lot on the textures. This is because of the previous slippery design which was not helping the players in controlling and keeping a grip on the ball. When the weather conditions are tough on the field such as the rain, this textured cover helps you to control the ball better.

  • The ball gets an accurate flight after a kick.
  • You get more control with its textured cover.
  • A high-quality rubber bladder is present.
  • All sizes are available for teens and pros.
  • A little heavier for young players.
  • Not suitable to be played in the rain.

Buy Nike Strike La Liga LFP 2018-2019 Soccer Ball Online:

Nike Strike La Liga LFP 2018-2019 Soccer Ball
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