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Wilson Traditional Soccer Ball 2018 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Wilson Traditional Soccer Ball 2018 Review: A Buyer’s Guide

Wilson Traditional Soccer Ball is a traditional black and white soccer ball made for all true soccer enthusiasts. If you are a professional soccer player, a beginner who just started playing soccer, or if you have a kid who just developed his interest in soccer, then the Wilson Traditional Soccer Ball is for you. It is durable and a perfect pick for all kinds of matches and championships. The Wilson Soccer Ball comes in size 5, size 4, and size 3 making it suitable for all age groups.

It is machine-sewn made of synthetic leather, provides a soft touch, which makes it extremely tough, durable, and easy to play with. This is one of the best footballs you’ll buy at this price. The low price can be delusional but this black and white ball will surprise you on the soccer field as it can take down the more expensive balls out there.

Wilson Traditional Soccer Ball Product Features:

  • It has a synthetic leather cover which gives it a soft touch.
  • It is durable, tough, and suitable for even the hardest of soccer fields or streets.
  • It comes in three sizes which make it suitable for all age groups.
  • It is cheap in price, and surely one of the best out there in the given price range.
  • The tyl rubber bladder helps the soccer ball remain in good shape, and the ball doesn’t deflate quickly.
  • A black and white traditional look with traditional panel graphics and silver accents.

Synthetic Leather Cover

Soft Touch

Increased Durability

Low Price Professional Football

Tyl Rubber Bladder for excellent air and shape retention

Traditional Panel Graphics with Silver accents



Wilson Traditional Soccer Ball Review:

A great soccer ball for kids, beginners, and even the professional soccer players. The traditional black and white color look as good in real life as it looks in photos, movies and on tv. It is tough, durable, and can last a good beating. Suitable for all age groups, and at any given conditions. It has all the features required for a good soccer ball, and its traditional look lifts up the overall appearance.

Its lightweight can be discomforting to some at the start but it is easily manageable. It is the kind of soccer ball you will want to have in your backyard, play with your kids, friends, in college, or take it out to a competitive match. Either way, this is certainly a great buy at this price range.

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